Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Various - Tourist Record

A1 Aerospace Soundwise
A2 Tom Steinle       
A3 Alejandra And Underwood        
A4 Suetsu       
A5 Jansky Noise        
B1 Aerospace Soundwise / Alejandra And Underwood / Jansky Noise / Suetsu / Tom Steinle   
All Five Of Us Improvised At The End Of The Show

Tourist Record

Various - Lowlife Free Record

A1 Nature Protein Biscuit Stove Top   
A2 Tinnitus Beak
A3 Peach Of Immortality Untitled
B1 Blowgun Dead At The Wheel
B2 Freedom Puff Sick
B3 Cake Elmira Street

Lowlife Free Record

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Crawling With Tarts - ρηλινκουισ

A1     Cleopatra   
A2     Locus Ad Quieters Aptus   
A3     Carnival In Castroville
A4     Noche Gate   
A5     PS   
A6     Cleopatra II   
B1     Tornado Path - Tornado Life   
B2     Veronica And The Iroquois   
B3     Satyr Discovering Maenad   
B4     I Dream Of Tools   
B5     On Treim's Car
B6     Cascade And Beehive   
B7     Asian Boy - Asian Thief


Teen Lesbians And Animals - Sore Az A Whore

A1 Thee Begining Ov Thee End   
A2 Thu Beat Iz Wrong   
A3 Nobody Srait Ever Made It Az An Artist   
A4 Ectoplasm 2   
A5 Billy Didn't Go To Church Today   
A6 Mein Furer   
A7 An Artistic Presentation   
B1 93   
B2 Drowning In A Pool Ov Menstrual Blood   
B3 Hey Phffftt   
B4 501 Genes   
B5 Sexual Dripping   
B6 Crimson Hi-Speed   
B7 Musical Design   
B8 T.L. & A.   
B9 Nervous Nirvana   
B10 Donald Harvey

Sore Az A Whore

Der Pilz ‎– Die Schwimmende Bibel

Monday, May 29, 2017

Crawling With Tarts - Boots

A1 Boots I   
A2 Trotting On River Stones   
A3 Salinas Ballroom   
A4 Boots II   
A5 Aviary Segue   
A6 Gentle Wind   
B1 Saddled For Ridings   
B2 Snow Leopard And Hoives   
B3 Boots III   
B4 Boots IV


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Vance Orchestra - Repeater

A Untitled
B Untitled


Unknown Gender - Untitled

A1 Tension   
A2 Girls Have Rhythm   
A3 Princess   
B The Beast


Felix Knoth ‎– Die Pein Vom Haupt Entfernen

A1 Manuelle Verformung Der Gesichtshaut   
A2 Juckreizbehandlung Am Rücken   
A3 Fußbodenreinigung   
A4 Treten Und Trampeln Gegen Bettpfosten Und Bettgitter   
B1 Fingerspiel   
B2 Nägelkauen   
B3 Entfusseln Von Gewebe   
B4 Rythmisches Aufschlagen Mit Dem Kopf
Die Pein Vom Haupt Entfernen